Global Running Day 2017

This year all our students from Reception to Year 10 were at the new Indoor Athletics Track for Global Running Day 2017.

We were honoured to be joined by HE Mr Denis Keefe, CMG, the British Ambassador, who not only came along, but also ran with our Year 3 class. This is his tweet of the event:
In addition to the Ambassador, we were also grateful to have 3 semi-professional runners, Mr Lang, Mr Avramovic and Mr Milisavljevic, who ran along with the students and offering words of encouragement.

In a randomly selected order, by our guest runners, of a Primary class then a Secondary class each group of students came to the start line, and after a countdown started their 5 laps of the lovely indoor track. In total, therefore students (and guests) ran 1 km each.

It was great to see so many of them, even the ones who were not so keen at the start, get behind the event and try their best. All the students on completing their event were given water and fruit.

In addition to this being a worldwide running event with hundreds of thousands taking part, we also had a charity element, with students (and parents) making a small donation to take part. This will go to Bowel Cancer UK, via our Deputy Principal’s fundraising page, as he is running an ultramarathon in September in support of them. In total we raised 17.600 RSD (~€145/£125).

Our thanks to the staff at the indoor athletics track for their support in making this event possible at such a suitable location.

Below is the Ambassador’s Instagram page about the event, with the gallery showing our photos:
#ukinserbia #GlobalRunningDay

01 Rd 141b
02 Rd 145b
03 Rd 149b
04 Rd 150
05 Rd 178b
06 Rd 203b
07 Rd 208b
08 Rd 234b
09 Rd 237b
10 Rd 283b
11 Rd 328b
12 Rd 357b
13 Rd 418b
14 Rd 434b
15 Rd 439b
16 Rd 452b
17 Rd 463b
18 Rd 471b
19 Rd 477b
20 Rd 531b
21 Rd 535b
22 Rd 575b
23 Rd 779b