British International School

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)

Students enter Key Stage 1 in Year 1, at the start of the academic year during which they will be six years old. During Year 2 students will be seven years old.

In Key Stage 1 students will begin to acquire and develop reading, writing and number skills in addition to experiencing all the subjects that are described under the Curriculum and Learning programme. The students enjoy a variety of physical and musical activities. Throughout Key Stage 1 a qualified assistant, who is also a Serbian speaker, assists the teacher providing help with both individual and group activities.

The Key Stage 1 curriculum is delivered through a topic approach. Specific schemes of work outline the progressive skills that are taught at this age and all work is closely monitored to ensure that pupils are making progress matched to their abilities. In the case of students who display unusual talent or ability, extension material is given to motivate and challenge their intellectual growth.

Key Stage 1 Students learn reading skills in a relaxed classroom setting

During these two years students are encouraged to learn both practically and academically. They enjoy a variety of experiences, visiting places of interest in the immediate locality, performing in dance, drama and music and engaging in extra-curricular activities.