British International School

Assessment and Reporting

Assessment and reporting of every student's progress is undertaken throughout the year and the information is used to plan future teaching and learning schedules. Target setting has become an important facet of reporting and encourages students to assume responsibility for their own learning. All students receive written end of term reports. Parents are encouraged to use these to support students in their progress throughout the school year. The education of a child is a partnership between student, parents and teachers and solid progress is based on good communication between these parties.


Homework is important in its own right and should be seen as a normal and regular aspect of school life and an important and essential part of learning. Its purpose is to provide activities, which link work in the classroom to planned activities at home, thus encouraging parental involvement in students learning. Students receive regular homework assignments.

Parents are expected to support their child during this period by making available a suitable area at home in which to complete homework undisturbed. Parents may also wish to be available themselves to assist with homework but should not complete the homework for the student. Students who regularly fail to complete homework will be disciplined and parents will be contacted to discuss the issue.

Parent Conference Evenings

Parent Conference Evenings are scheduled throughout the year. They offer a valuable opportunity for staff and parents to meet and discuss students' progress and targets. Dates of these evenings are published in the academic calendar.


Whole school 'mock' exams take place in January and the Cambridge IGCSE and A level examinations take place in November and May/June of each year. In addition to Cambridge external examinations, internal assessments of students' performance are carried out by the teachers throughout the academic year.