A Visit to the ‘Veterina Beograd’ Dog Shelter

With the aim to raise awareness of animal cruelty, as well as to deliver the abundant dog food donation BIS had raised, Student Council Volunteer Club organized a visit to the ‘Veterina Beograd’ Dog Shelter in Rakovica.

The students had the opportunity to see the one thousand dogs living within the shelter, as well as speak to the veterinarians, who were more than willing to answer the students eager questions.

It was an eye opening trip as it brought my attention to the devastating reality of the mistreatment of dogs. I’m glad that places like Veterina Beograd exist as they are working hard to fight these problems. – Milica Yr13

I am very proud of the students for bringing lots of dog food to support this cause. Many of us are aware of the issues regarding stray dogs but experiencing it for yourself and seeing it in person is quite impactful. It made me understand the issue in further depths. – Christian Yr13

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