Director of Education’s Welcome

I would like to welcome you to the British International School in Belgrade. Founded in 1997, the British International School in Belgrade has successfully kept its vision in providing high quality education to students of all nationalities and celebrating ethnic and cultural diversity for more than two decades now.

Supportive, stimulating and family friendly environment encouraging each student to do their best is a necessity and a good investment in the future of your child. In order to achieve personal and professional success in life, a young individual needs to first build a strong and sturdy foundation of knowledge, self confidence, social skills and emotional intelligence. The British International School in Belgrade has always made sure to develop these qualities in its students.

Academically, we offer multiple opportunities for our students’ growth. The curriculum we implement is based on the British system throughout all fourteen years of Primary and Secondary education, with Cambridge Checkpoint examinations in Years 6 and 9, IGCSE examinations in Year 11, and AS/A Level examinations in Years 12 and 13. We also offer our students the possibility of taking an American High School Diploma programme in the last two years of their Secondary education.

We believe in a strong partnership between the school and our students’ parents /guardians. The feedback we receive from our parental community is invaluable to us and we always encourage an ongoing communication through parents asking questions, sharing their ideas or concerns. We also encourage our parents/guardians to take an active part in the charity events organised by the school.

I am thrilled to be the Principal of an outstanding school with a vision to always best serve its students’ needs, provide academic, moral, emotional and social support thus modelling our students towards becoming mature and well-adjusted young adults who will be confident and equipped to make a positive contribution to future society.
Join us, and become a part of an exciting, and worthwhile journey in your child’s education. If you wish for any additional information about the BIS, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Aleksandra Keserovic MA
Director of Education