Animated films made by BIS students - British International School

The BIS Animation Club has existed for seven years, and every year, the culmination of the Club is the students’ film premiere at the prestigious Museum of the Yugoslav Cinematography (Muzej Jugoslovenske kinoteke).

This year’s premiere was on Sunday, June 17. The students had the opportunity to see their animated movies on the large cinema screen together with their parents and friends. This school year, twenty students, from 5 to 11 years old, worked hard and created around a hundred animated shorts films.

The students discovered film techniques such as close-up, change of plans and subjective point of view. Students also discovered how music emotionally contributes to their films and how to use the film-editing program so they can add music, sound effects and film titles to their animated films. Even the youngest were able to tell their stories through the animated film, which gave them a sense of creative power.