At BIS, we acknowledge the value of recognising positive behaviour in motivating and encouraging our students. Every member of staff may give a student a comment in the homework diary to recognise good organisation, participation, performance, effort in school activities. A weekly assembly is held every Friday in both the Lower and Upper Primary School. Each teacher gives out a ‘Star of the Week’ certificate and then explains verbally why the certificate was awarded to the whole of the assembly. The Principal’s Award is also handed out to one student every Friday if a pupil has done something extraordinary. Students from Reception to Year 9 have the opportunity to win Mathletics certificates which come in Gold, Silver and Bronze depending on the number of points they have earned online.

Mathletics certificates are handed out at the end of every half term with Bronze being handed out in class whereas Gold and Silver are handed out in the assembly. Each year the school takes part in an Archimedes Maths competition. All the children in Year 3- Year 6 participate. If any student achieves a score above 75% they are given a special certificate.

At the end of the academic year ‘Pupil of the Year’ and ‘Most Improved student’ certificates are awarded to one student in each class.

In the lower Secondary school, the weekly assembly is held on a Tuesday. Mathletics certificates are awarded once every half term. Gold certificates are given out in the assembly and Silver and Bronze certificates are placed in the school reports. Other certificates that are awarded are for activities like the 100 Word Challenge and IDEA the Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award.

At the annual graduation ceremony several certificates are handed out such as the ECIS Student award and the Johnathan Rider student award for academic excellence. The Cobis Award is given to the best student in Year 6 and Year 9.