BIS Year 6 Students Visit to Aviation Museum - British International School

Today we visited the Aviation Museum at Belgrade Airport. We saw many jet planes, fighters, gliders and bombs. We arrived about 9:30 am after traveling along a congested road.

At the museum the doors opened and we were greeted by a lady who was kind enough to take us through the exhibition. Our first stop was in the cinema where we watched a film of acrobatic aircraft which lasted about 10 minutes. Next we walked upstairs to see a collection of aircraft from all over the world.

The first plane we saw was made of wood and was 117 years old. Then we were shown biplanes from the First World War and other types of craft from the Second World War. Some of these planes had propellers and others had jet engines. There were gliders and parachutes and helicopters.

At one exhibit there was the tail section of an F17 American fighter plane which had been shot down in 1999 over Belgrade.

There were many other things to see including weapons both on the planes and as a show of their own. One plane had been designed for the children to sit in. The exhibits were interesting but there should have been some kind of brochure to provide information.