Children’s Fair at Sajam - British International School

On Friday 9th October the BIS Primary School was invited to attend the Children’s Fair at Sajam. The whole Primary School went for the afternoon. The children enjoyed numerous activities such as the theatre performance, the adventure play ground and the rock climbing wall.

The children split up into groups with teachers and toured round the exhibitions; enjoying the free ice creams, balloons and gifts that were handed out by the stall holders. The children from Key Stage 2 particularly enjoyed the experience of the rock climbing wall, where they were harnessed up in ropes and climbed to the top before lowering themselves down. The Key Stage 1 children experienced all the pleasures of the trampolines, climbing frames, slides and ball pool.

By the time we headed back to school all the children were happy, carrying bundles of goodies and chatting enthusiastically about what they had done. A good afternoon enjoyed by all.