European Day of Languages 2017 - British International School

The 26 of September is a day where the diversity and the beauty of all European languages is being celebrated as well as the linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe and the importance of language learning worldwide.

We had 3 groups of students out in Belgrade, visiting the institutes for the languages they are studying.

Year 10 and Year 11 (IGCSE) Spanish students were taken to Instituto Cervantes to take part in this interesting event together with their Spanish teacher. Inside the Spanish Institute for languages, the students visited the Spanish, Italian, and Romanian stalls where they took part in different type of quizzes and won some nice prices. They also had the opportunity to talk to Mr César Luis Diez Plaza, who is now at the head the Teaching Department of Instituto Cervantes and answered some questions about Spain and Spanish language and culture. This was a very nice opportunity to show that the students of BIS actively learn Spanish and that they already became part of the Spanish and Hispanic language society.

Later on, students visited the Library where some became members of the Spanish Institute and in this way they will continue to flourish their language and to investigate everything that has to do with Spain and all Latin American countries.

Our German students in Year 10 and Y11 visited the Goethe-Institut, where they participated in various activities, quizzes and language games not only in German or about Germany, but also about Dutch, Swedish and Greek cultures.

The French students in Year 10 and 11 visited the Institut Français where they answered questions about French civilization and culture. They also participated in games and workshops that French institute prepared for students who wanted to practise their language in a different, interactive and amusing way. They were took a card with a picture of a noun and explained its meaning in French whilst, at the same time, avoiding mentioning some other words. They seemed to enjoy it.

The students all thanked their hosts and thoroughly enjoyed the trips out.