BIS proudly saw off the new generation of graduates who showed great commitment and enviable success in the results they achieved, both in mastering the lessons and in other activities organized by the school in accordance with the holistic approach to education nurtured by the school since its foundation.

The big ceremony organized in honour of the 26th generation of graduates brought together other students, their parents, teaching staff and BIS employees as well as friends, at the Hayatt Hotel in Belgrade on Saturday, June 10.

The guest of honour was Dr. Sonia Shahiryar, former president of the International Women’s Club and mother of two BIS graduates, Nyel and Mikael. Dr. Sonia has been dedicated to charity work for years and was an exceptional collaborator of the school in the process of upbringing and education.

Special awards were presented at the ceremony, such as the European Council of International Schools Award for International Understanding, which includes academic success as well as contribution to the international school community.

The Dr. Jonathan Rider Award for Academic Achievement is awarded to successful students, and it has been created internally in memory of the late BIS co-founder, Dr. Jonathan Rider.

On that occasion, MSc Aleksandra Keserović, the BIS director of education, said: “I congratulate our graduates and their parents on the successful completion of one of the most important periods of their lives. I would like them to continue their successful path of education and further development, as many generations of the BIS students have done before them around the world, at prestigious universities including the universities of Cambridge and Oxford, the London School of Economics, Imperial College, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Berkeley in the USA, the University of Rotterdam, the University of Vienna and the University of Belgrade.

I firmly believe that they will be real leaders and an example for the community.”

At the end of the official part of the ceremony, in accordance with the tradition of graduation ceremonies, the graduation caps flew up! The graduates and guests continued with entertainment and socializing along with music and dinner.