Halloween Party for Secondary school - British International School

British International School Student Council organized the Halloween Party for Secondary school students and their guests on Friday, November 4th in Smetanina 12. There was great participation from all secondary students who provided a wonderful evening for their relatives and guests. It was an exciting and well attended event…decorations, prizes, food, fun!

Everyone took part in preparations. It was a busy week for all of them.

Some students drew and cut up bats, witches, ghosts, others carved pumpkins, wrote scary warnings and messages on mirrors and entrance door, put spider webs on the ceilings. Some of them were in charge of choosing music, some of taking furniture out. One group decorated the school and installed the music equipment and projector for really scary power point presentation.

There were many ghosts, goblins, witches, super heroes, celebrities, devils, angels and more as the BIS students paraded around the school on Friday evening. Teachers and students alike enjoyed trying to guess who was who as many costumes gave no clues as to the owner. Well done, everyone!

Three best costumes were awarded by a big applause and the Principal delivered the prizes to the winners: a book of scary stories with special drawings done by Una, a big jar full of candies and a T-shirt.

After that, everyone got a piece of a fantastic chocolate cake which came in a shape of a big orange pumpkin, kindly donated by Mrs Jojic.

Then the dancing began. It was an amazing sight; all those unearthly beings swaying in a rhythm of the music, lit only by candle lights. Scary indeed.

Congratulations to the BIS Student Council for this worthwhile event that everybody enjoyed so much.