IGCSE Geography Field Trip - British International School

The subject “Geography” includes a variety of topics and skills. What better way to learn and remember those skills than in the field.

The Year 10 and 11 IGCSE Geography students enjoyed a day out of the classroom in order to understand the practical skills needed for their course.

We began with an assessment of cloud cover, to be repeated during the day, to depict the changes in the weather.

The next skill was counting traffic for flow diagrams, and types of vehicle for a divided bar graph. Venue – the entrance to Kalemegdan on Pariska Tadeusha.

Then we walked to the viewpoint of the Danube/Sava Rivers to learn to do sketches and assess riparian land use. The students used homemade clinometers to measure the gradient of the slope down to the water’s edge.

After slipping and sliding down the pathway to the river, students calculated the speed of the water and noted the difference in water speed in the middle of the Sava by watching the ducks drifting leisurely along.

The four groups then split up to walk down a section of Knez Mihailova and Uzun Mirkova to count types of retail outlets for a graph, before meeting up for the second traffic count at Kalemegdan.

Our final destination was Hajd Park for a transverse section, to sample the trees in an area and to use the clinometers to measure the height of two sculptures.

There are other skills that should be introduced to the students and we hope to incorporate these in another field trip later in the academic year.

Mrs Cobban