International Charity Festival - British International School

On Saturday, May 16th, the BIS community and many guests gathered at our Primary School premises to partake in our annual International Charity Festival. In spite of pessimistic weather forecasts, the day (and the weather, eventually) turned out to be a success.

With dozens of stalls present, featuring everything from home-made jewellery to exotic foods, guests were immediately upon arrival ensured that they would not find their options to enjoy themselves being limited. A large fashion show created by BIS students who wore costumes from Serbia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, China, Japan, Nigeria, Norway amongst others was held, and while several students sang in choirs and independently, a local martial arts group only added to the variety that was displayed on stage.

Our youngest guests also seemed to enjoy themselves, as both a bouncy castle, magicians and face painters were present, and many games stalls, organised by the Primary teachers. Unfortunately, however, some Year 13 students were very saddened by hearing that they were simply too “big” to use the bouncy castle! With temperatures running high, the ice cream stall-to the great joy of our Student Council-once again turned out to be one of the most visited ones.

The proceeds of this year’s Bazaar went to the Red Cross in Kragujevac. A large proportion of the money we collected was collected through our much-loved raffle draw, which got teachers, students, parents and other guests alike anxiously holding on to their tickets to see whether they had won something. Prizes included holidays, many vouchers from companies, and baskets full of items from each created by each of the BIS classes.

The vast majority of BIS students attended the event, and many of them volunteered to ensure that the event ran smoothly. Indeed, many Year 11 to 13 students saw volunteering at the Bazaar as an excellent opportunity to both take a break from studying for their exams, but also to catch up with friends in a great atmosphere.

Attached are a host of photos from the International Charity Festival, which hopefully will give you at least a glimpse of the event.