“Lessons from the Past” – Secondary Christmas Show - British International School

On 16th December, secondary students and their parents were treated to the BIS KS3 Drama Clubs performance entitled ‘Lessons from the Past’. 16 talented students from Years 7, 8 and 9 performed a series of scenes from different historical eras, linked by the theme of studying the areas in history.

The play opened with students rushing to school to watch a presentation of the Titanic disaster – a series of mimed pictures outlining the events to a moving rendition of ‘The heart will go on’ by one of the Y7 students.  This was visually supported by a video of a Y12 student playing the song on the piano. Next were a comic Greek Gods Got Talent scene (where Greek Gods displayed their mythical ‘talents’), a haunting portrayal of the 17th Century Salem Witch trials, an irreverent look at Roman warfare and a student directed scene called ‘Oliver Twist and the Pickpockets’. In between, a confused old man randomly appeared on stage looking for his shopping list – excellently characterized by a young Y7 student.

Throughout, students demonstrated their abilities in singing, dancing, mime, comedy, expressive dialogue and effective characterization. After weeks of hard work, excellent team work and collaborative devising of the scenes, the Drama Club members gave an impressive taste of their many talents. Behind the scenes, all the props were ingeniously made (mainly from cardboard and scraps of material) by 3 Year 7 students.

As Oliver Twist said, ‘Please Sir – we want some more!’