November Numeracy Challenge online competition - British International School

During November, the BIS students from Years 1 to 9 took part in a global mathematics competition Online Numeracy Challenge, along with 674 schools from all over the world. At different points in time during the competition, certain BIS students (Jisung, Zara and Petra) achieved outstanding results. We are proud to share with you that our student from Year 9, Jisung, for some time towards the end of the competition held the number one place in the world. At the end of the competiton, the BIS took 6th place in the world ranking, in competition with 674 schools. We are proud of our students and our teachers who have contributed to this success with their hard work and enthusiasm.

The BIS students traditionally take part in international online competitions within the fields of the English language, Mathematics and Science. In this way, they have a privilege to test their knowledge by competing with students from hundreds and thousands of other schools that train their students for the same competitions. Online competitions are also interesting because they encourage in students the ability of fast thinking and quick reactions. This ability is best manifested in the area of the so called mental mathematics.