Outdoor Activities

Each year BIS organizes study tours for its students. The Primary study tour is organized within Serbia, at the beginning of June and lasts for four days. Some of the destinations the BIS students have visited so far are: Kopaonik, Vrnjačka Banja, Palić, Đavolja Varoš, Uvac, etc.

The secondary study tour is organised each year in late October, it lasts for seven days and the students always visit a foreign destination. Some of the destinations the students visited in the previous years are: The UK, Northern Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Scandinavia etc.

Besides the annual study tours, during the school year the BIS students frequently go on field trips during the school day. These field trips are organised in accordance with the curriculum topics taught at the moment and involve visits to museums, galleries, science fair, other fairs and educational facilities the school collaborates with.

Also, the Duke of Edinburgh students have their Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition, a one-day practice adventurous journey to one of the nearby camping sites. Besides this adventurous journey, our students frequently have their Outdoor Education Days where they engage in different activities for nature preservation and Geography field trips.