A Para Olympic Champion visits BIS - British International School

On Friday, 28th November, some of our Secondary students had a rare and special opportunity to play a table tennis tournament against the world’s number one Para Olympic table tennis champion, Mrs. Borislava Peric. Borlslava won silver at the recent Para Olympic Championship in Beijing China, and still ranks as the first player on the world’s ranking list.

Knowing that 2008 was internationally proclaimed the year of the Para Olympics, we dedicated the proceeds of the BIS Spring Bazaar in May this year to Borislava’s upcoming tournaments.

The valuable lesson that our students had an opportunity to learn from this young, live-spirited woman was certainly beyond sport. This encounter opened the doors to breaking prejudice, and realising an important truth: any high achievement is related to challenging and expanding one’s personal limitations. Without the willingness and courage to do this, no personal transformation or success is possible.