Primary Christmas Show – The Wizard of Oz - British International School

Now that the holiday season is behind us it is the perfect time to remember how much fun we had during December at BIS. Every year the primary students put on a spectacular show and this year was no exception. The students practiced extremely hard, doing everything from dancing and singing to acting and playing musical instruments.

Every week we seemed a little closer to the wonderful Land of Oz. The children were starting to get more into their characters, the singing was getting better, beautiful costumes were created and the set design was taking shape. It all came together on December 7, the night of the play. All those weeks of practice and hard work paid off, the students sang beautifully and performed like professional actors, giving their all on stage. The parents had lots of fun in Oz that night and were so impressed that they said it was one of the best BIS productions they have seen. Everyone was extremely proud of the students – we would like to once again thank them for their maturity, dedication and hard work!