Primary School Christmas Production - British International School

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

On the 14th of December 2010 the Primary School held their annual Christmas production. This year’s performance was based on the story of Snow White. The show was a fusion of a pantomime, modern pop musical and a dance festival. The production took place once again at the African Museum. An amazing three hundred people attended which matched the largest number in the history of the school.

Every child in the Primary School had a part in Snow White and in total seventy-three costumes were required. As you can see from the pictures opposite the costumes were superbly designed. All performed outstandingly, but special mention should be made of the Evil Queen (Lana) and Snow White (Darija).

Many thanks must go to the staff of the school who worked vigorously to ensure the show was an astonishing success, the parents for creating the breathtaking wardrobe and the students who put so much work into their performances.

Immediately after the performance some parents expressed these views;

“The show left me speechless it was so perfect”.

“I was so proud of my child”.

“Every year the play gets better and better”.

“It was beautiful”.

As an extended writing exercise Year 6 wrote some recounts in the ‘Literacy Time’ on their thoughts about the play;

“I didn’t want the play to finish, I wanted Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to last forever”. (Milica)

“The show finished my year with a great memory that will last forever”. (Aleksej)

“Doing the play took my breath away it was that exciting”. (Ferenc)

”When the dwarfs said their lines the audience laughed like one hundred hyenas”. (Marilyn)