Primary Study Tour - British International School

On June 3rd, BIS students and teachers began their journey to Zlatibor. The students were extremely excited that the day for the trip had finally come after much anticipation.

Mid way through the journey, the students stopped off at Norwegian House to learn about the connections between the Serbian and Norwegian peoples in World War Two. Once we arrived in Zlatibor, we checked into Hotel Mona and the students settled into their rooms. Before long, we were enjoying the beautiful swimming pool and jacuzzis. The day ended with a lovely meal and free time for the students.

For our first full day in Zlatibor, we made the journey to the beautiful Stopica caves. After a short hike, everyone was amazed at how wonderful they were and thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Next, we visited Sirogojno village – the only open air museum in Serbia –which was ironic as it was raining! Once we’d dried off, the students did one of their favourite activities, buying souvenirs, once again despite the rain! Upon returning to the hotel, we went for another swim before dinner and then a walk around the lake. We ‘accidentally’ bought chocolate donuts for everyone as we walked around the lake and heard/saw some very noisy frogs!

Our third day was extremely action packed. First, we visited the Dino Park where we enjoyed looking at the full scale models of a variety of dinosaurs and also got the chance to buy more souvenirs. After this, we enjoyed ice creams which were a treat from Miss Keserovic. In the afternoon, we drove by coach to visit Drvengrad and explore the traditional buildings there as well as watching a film. Our next stop was the nearby Sargan railway where we all thoroughly enjoyed riding the special train which was quite an adventure! However, the long day was not quite over as it was disco time… To celebrate our last night, everyone got dressed up and had a dance to the specially prepared karaoke. Everyone was especially impressed by Mrs Howie and Mrs Copeland who led the dancing and encouraged even more people to dance than usual. It was the perfect end to our last evening.  Exhausted after our long fun filled day, everyone fell quickly to sleep.

The final day had arguably the best excursion, the Adventure Park! Students (and staff) were extremely excited to try the different zip line activities. After they were all equipped and given training, everyone was off! The students tried increasingly hard challenges and had an absolutely amazing time. Many faced their fears and were the better for it. Without a doubt, the teachers were extremely proud of the student’s mature attitude, excellent behaviour and courage in trying something new and challenging. Once we had finally finished there and managed to get everyone down from the trees, we enjoyed our final lunch and then had the long journey back to Belgrade leaving some amazing memories behind.

This was a beneficial trip for the students’ education, social skills development and their general independence. Indeed, it was one of the most exciting and interesting trips in recent years and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Despite being caught a few times, we were also very lucky with the weather. The student’s behaviour was excellent throughout and even their rooms were amazingly tidy. They should be really proud of themselves. Well done to all!