Secondary Christmas Show - British International School

This year’s Secondary Christmas Show took place at Pan Theatre, and brought a combination of drama and music performance.

The Drama Club students prepared a shortened and adjusted version of a popular comedy by Michael Fryne “Noises off”. The content of the comedy is focuses around what happens behind the curtains, as well as during rehearsals and what actors are presumably like. Speaking about her Drama Club students (Jelena, Milica, Sophia, Lucia, Alisa, Mahsheed and Darina), their teacher, Masha Dakic said that in preparation for the play they had all shown great enthusiasm and willingness w to try out different strategies that would improve their acting skills.

Learning Drama is also a valuable tool for building good interpersonal relationships, communication skills, trust, self-confidence and self-awareness.

Through various assignments, scenes or situa­tions the students found themselves in a team work situation, and were able to explore how they present themselves, and how they position themselves amongst others. The final version of the “Noises off” Secondary School play was a brave step into the public.

In addition to the play, There were pop songs given by Fiona, Maggie, Katarina, Natasha, Ana, Una, Sven, Marija and Uros.

Students of Serbian Studies recited aphorisms by Dusko Radovic.

At the end of the show, students sang Christmas Carols in English, Spanish, French and German, all wearing Father Christmas hats which they threw into the audience.

Well done!