Secondary School Christmas Assembly - British International School

Thursday 17th December was a particularly important day for Secondary students of the British International School in Belgrade. They held their annual Christmas assembly which turn to be a great success.

Parents, teachers, Management, Primary students and friends, were all invited to enjoy watching our students acting in sketches, singing and playing various instruments, dancing dressed in colourful Mexican national costumes with sombreros and red ribbons. They recited poems in English, German and French, and shared their talents in composing songs. It was a splendid afternoon and great experience. No wonder they got a big applause in the end.

After the show, the celebration continued in the Assembly Hall where the soft drinks and snacks were served.

December is always a busy months in our school. Everybody studies hard for the end of term tests. Knowing how much effort they had to put both into studying and rehearsing for the show, we all went home proud of our students’ achievements.