Shrek Production - British International School

On the 14 December 2012 the British International Primary School held their annual Christmas production. This year’s performance was an adaptation of ‘Shrek’ the animated Oscar winning feature film. The character of Shrek was originally created by William Steig in 1990.

The production took place in the Rakovica Cultural Centre. This three hundred seat venue was a fitting place for the talents of the children of BIS.

The students worked very hard to memorise a very lengthy script of 37 pages and 12 songs. The words were especially difficult to perform as many of the students had to speak in a unusual accents, such as Ivan (Shrek), who became Scottish for the evening and Konstnatin (the Donkey) who was required to use an American tone to his voice.

A completely full hall of over 350 people filled the venue to capacity. All our students appeared on the stage at least twice in roles which required them to dance, sing or act. Every student had their own unique costume to wear which you can admire in the pictures.

At the climax of the show every student entered the stage to sing ‘I’m a believer’. When the song had finished the cast received a huge ovation from the audience especially our Reception class and the newlyweds, Shrek and Fiona (Ana), who were at the front of the stage.

Many thanks must go to the staff who worked vigorously to ensure the show was a breathtaking spectacular event.

Immediately after the show some parents expressed these views;

I was amazed that children so young could perform at such a high level

The show was the best I had ever seen by a Primary School

It made the Broadway show look like an amateur production

Mr Davies