Spring Charity Bazaar - British International School

This year’s Spring Charity Bazaar, which took place on 23rd May, was the most successful one in the school’s history. The school PTA and Student Council together with other participants at the Bazaar managed to collect 1400 Euro in support of the first International Conference to Muscular Dystrophy.

Although similar conferences sponsored by the European Alliance of Neuromuscular Disorder Association (Eamda) were held throughout the world, it will be the first time that such a conference will take place in Belgrade in September 2009.

We were all lucky to have a beautiful warm and sunny day for the Bazaar. Members of our school community, as well as numerous visitors enjoyed themselves trying dishes of various national cuisines, and buying souvenirs from different countries. We were all delighted to watch the two sets of dances presented by the Malaysian Embassy culture group. The vibrant colours of their costumes and their dancing skills were a pleasure to the eye.

We also had the pleasure of watching the Capoeirra dancers whose show also included BIS students. Thanks to the kindness of the BIS PTA members as well as Embassies, companies and individuals who made donations for the raffle, we were able to offer some truly interesting and valuable prizes.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, and we are sure that next year’s Bazaar will be an even greater success.