Spring Charity Bazaar - British International School

The latest big event that we can be proud of was the Spring Charity Bazaar, which took place on the 5th of May at BIS school yard.This time, the charity of our choice was the “Homework for All” campaign initiated by the President of Serbia’s National Office. The purpose of this charity is to raise funds for building school toilets in rural parts of Serbia, thus helping to improve the schooling conditions for children living in the targeted areas. Our special guests on the occasion of the Spring Bazaar were five representatives from the National Office, led by the Deputy Director, Mr. Branko Janković.

Everyone had great fun enjoying national dishes of Egypt, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Germany Russia, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and Serbia. Some stalls were featuring African and Asian jewelry. As usual, our aim was to provide as much entertainment for children as possible. There was a clown in full costume playing various games with our youngest students and visitors. The Egg Hunt was organised in the Primary School, and children could enjoy playing Darts and Ball Throw, as well as riding a pony on the grass patch of the school yard. Everyone present could relish in the taste of New Zealand barbecue prepared by Mr. Rose. Like the previous ones, Spring Charity Bazaar 2007 was covered by local media. We are sure that our future Bazaars will be ever bigger and more successful.