Spring Rolls 7 km Race - British International School

Saturday 17 March saw the culmination of many weeks training for several of our students when they took part in the annual “Spring Rolls” 7 km charity race.

These students were running both the aid the BelHospice charity, but also as it was the 3 month target for their Duke of Edinburgh International Award (DoE) Physical Recreation section at Bronze level. In addition to them, other non-DoE students, as well as some BIS parents joined 150 others in completing this annual charity run.

Along the side of the Sava river, on Ada Ciganlija, we all set off at 11:00 am along what can only be described as a very muddy path. The mud, and light rain at the start did not put anyone off, nor the fact that two runners fell as the gun went off, so started the race covered in mud.

7 km later all who took part enjoyed crossing the finish line and receiving their medals.

For those taking the DoE this was their goal, something they were not capable of doing 3 months previously, and they had a sense of pride in having achieved their goal, even if all they wanted to do was go home, rest and hope that the mud would come off their clothes and shoes.

Well done to all who took part, it was fun.

Mr Howie, Deputy Principal