Study Tour to Netherlands - British International School

BIS students have returned from another amazing annual study tour. This year the destination was The Netherlands, or ‘The Land of Tulips’ where culture, cuisine, art, sport and fun are inextricably linked. Our first stop was in Amsterdam, one of the most visited cities in Europe, and there is no shortage of reasons why. We also visited Hague, Scheveningen, Madurodam, Rotterdam, Delft, Marken, Zandvoort and Folendam.
Our students had the opportunity to experience another language and culture, gain a deeper    understanding of modern European history, World War II and the Holocaust at Anne Frank’s House, examine the geography of the region and the constant battle to keep out the North Sea, understand personal organisation, co-operating and working with others in a variety of environments, gain independence and self-confidence, strengthen exciting friendships and make new friends.

Here are their impressions:

‘The trip was great. If you are new to BIS this was a great opportunity to meet new friends and to bond with other students. I really liked the last day because we went shopping. In the evening we would have fun in our rooms and the last day, Tara, Kari, Stavros and I were painting each others hair and we played a game called Bean Boozled. Each day we would travel a lot and have a lot of fun.’ Peter, Year 7

‘Our trip to Holland was one of the best trips so far. We visited Amsterdam, Delft, Hague, Folendam and Rotterdam. In Amsterdam we experienced the city’s free spirit; in Hague and Rotterdam we learned about history and in Delft and Folendam we saw the beauty of Holland’s nature. The Madurodam museum gave us the opportunity to see the most important and most interesting sights in Holland. The Diamond factory, the cheese and clogs farm and the night we spent at the beach, contributed to the best memories. Still, the most memorable moment was the channel ride in Amsterdam.’ Milica, Year 11

‘This year’s study tour was to the Netherlands/Holland. We visited beautiful cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Delft, as well as the vast range of attractions spread around the country (a few include Anne Frank’s House, the house where Jewish diarist Anne Frank hid during WWII, Madurodam and the Cheese Farm). We also got to experience the country and different culture. My favourite part was definitely the relaxing boat ride through many channels in Amsterdam, the train rides from Amsterdam to Zandvoort and back. Overall, it was an amazing trip and I wouldn’t mind going back.’ Milica, Year 10

‘This year, our trip to Amsterdam was one of the best so far. We had only 5 days, but enough time to explore the beauty of the Netherlands’ main cities. My favourite place was Madurodam in Hague. I also enjoyed walks on Amsterdam busy streets. I hope to go back there, some day…’ Olga, Year 12

‘It was a brilliant experience that I am so happy to have taken part in. I advise all students that have not had a chance to contribute in the trip to do so next year. There were so many breathtaking views and foods that I’m glad I tried. Needless to say that six bags of ‘Doritos’, friend and I devoured, were simply mesmerizing.’ Ivan, Year 9

‘The sights we visited were breathtaking and unforgettable. The trip brought us all together while we were exploring new places. This was one of the most beautiful and eventful trips so far.’ Tara V, Year 9

‘The trip was fun and I can’t say I was ever bored. We always had what to do and to visit new destinations. It was very interesting.’ Ana V, Year 9

‘The trip to the Netherlands was simply amazing despite the fact that few students misplaced their passports and boarding cards, causing the turmoil, but luckily found them quickly. Nothing could change the fact that we had so much fun. The long walks through Amsterdam, the smallest city Madurodam, beautiful restaurants in Rotterdam, sleepovers in the hotel in Zandvoort, the movies we watched, the walks on a beach, everything was simply amazing. There are no words that can describe how much fun I had. I would love to visit this country again.’ Petar, Year 9

‘I really enjoyed our trip to Amsterdam. We visited a lot of places and we had so much fun. I was blown away by Amsterdam’s nature. Another thing I enjoyed were evenings at the hotel and our walk on the beach in Zandvoort.’  Jelena, Year 8

‘This year we went to Amsterdam and it was awesome. We also visited Madurodam Rotterdam, Delft, the Diamond Museum. My favourite place was ‘Starbucks’ and the funniest thing we did was when my friend and roommate Kari died Peter’s and Stavros’ hair in blue and green. I also liked very much the huge food centre in Rotterdam. The only thing I didn’t like was the hotel’s food (dinner). The school trip was really fun and I would go again.’ Tara, Year 8

‘The trip was very well organised and fun. My favourite part were the visits to the miniature museum and Anne Frank’s House. Being in the hotel and going to the beach in the evening was really fun too. I had a great time and I got to know people from other year groups.’ Sarah, Year 10

‘I really enjoyed going to Amsterdam, it is a very beautiful and happy place. I loved the small, unique houses with flowers and plants all around them. It was also very clean and there were lots and lots of bikes. I also got to know some new people from the school. The thing I was the most excited for was the visit to Anne Frank house, since I had already read the book and wanted to see the actual setting of the diary. Even though we had to wait for over one hour, it was worth it. I think that we should have been allowed to go to each others rooms in the hotel, if we were quiet, of course. I also think that when we had free time, either the whole group can walk alone, or no one can.’ Lucia, Year 8

‘My overall impression of the trip to Amsterdam is that it was simply perfect. The only thing that could be improved is that it was longer. My favourite part was the eye opening visit to Anne Frank’s house. I recommend that everyone who hasn’t been able to come with us this time, come next year. We visited some truly memorable places and returned full of unforgettable experiences.’ Ana, Year 9

‘My favourite day was the very first one, because it was the longest day of my life. I woke up at 4:00 AM and went to the airport. It took us few hours to get to the amazing, huge airport at Amsterdam.We walked through the town sightseeing, visited few shops, had an amazing boat ride and saw the ‘I AMsterdam’ huge sign. On a third day we went to my favourite place of all, Anne Frank’s House. We waited few hours but it wa absolutely worth it. Once inside, we saw her diary, secret annex, pictures, all the rooms. The last day was also very nice. We woke up in the morning and right after breakfast went onto the train to Amsterdam. I bought a beautiful pair of Adidas shoes for my brother and a few toys for my little sister. The last evenng was fun since some people dyed their hair in blue and green. I played Bean Boozled with Nikola and Luka. I was not lucky at all. I got the very worst Beans like: Boogers, Vomit and Dog Food.’  Filip, Year 7