Study Tour to Scandinavia - British International School

Another amazing school trip is over. We returned from Scandinavia tired, but with a feeling that it was truly a trip of a lifetime and one we will never forget.

We landed in Stockholm, the Swedish capital, which spreads on 14 islands connected with more than 50 bridges; the place where the large lake Malaren meets the Baltic Sea. We visited: the City Hall, the artistic quarter, Nobel’s house, a modern part of the city called Norrmalm, and Djurgården island. We also visited the Vasa Museum, where we admired a royal warship that had sunk in the 17th century. The boat is fantastically preserved, with more than 98% of the original structure and is a cultural and artistic treasure of Sweden. In the afternoon we strolled through Gamla Stan – the oldest part of Stockholm, and admired the magnificent building of the Royal Palace. We also climbed the 130 metre high lookout Globen Sky view.

The next day we went by bus to Oslo, through amazing landscapes of Sweden and Norway, the region of lakes and coniferous forests, in addition to the small Nordic villages, mostly made of wood. On our way to Oslo, we stopped at Karlstadt, a picturesque town nestled in one of Sweden’s largest lake, Vanern.  Upon our arrival, we had a memorable evening and dinner at Hard Rock Café in Oslo.

Oslo is situated at the end of more than 100 kilometres long fjord. We visited the main business and shopping street of the city “Karl Johan gate”, Akershus fortress, the Royal Palace and the University. Then we went to Viking Ship Museum and Fram Museum – where we explored the largest wooden ship ever built, and found out how the crew managed to survive in the coldest and most dangerous places on Earth – the Arctic and Antarctic. We also visited Vigeland Park, where more than two hundred Gustav Vigeland’s sculptures are displayed as his donation to Oslo.

The next night was the most exciting for all of us – the night on a ferry, a big cruising ship with 9 platforms, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, restaurants and shops.

Next morning we woke up in Copenhagen – “Port of Retailers”, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We visited Christiansburg Palace which now houses the Danish Parliament, the City Hall (Københavns Rådhus), the National Museum, the Danish Royal theatre, beautiful Amelienborg Palace (winter residence of the Danish Royal family), the famous sculpture “the Little Mermaid”, the port district Nuhavn with old colourful buildings and sailing ships. In addition, we enjoyed a one-hour boat tour around canals of Copenhagen. On the last day we went to Malmö across the famous Øresund Bridge.

So many new places, so many memories, and new friendships made. We enjoyed every minute of this fabulous trip.

Here are the impressions of our students:


Our school trip to Scandinavia was so much fun in many different ways this year. We went to Sweden, Norway and Denmark and visited their capitals: Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. I really enjoyed Sweden and Denmark.

We were very lucky with getting just a little bit of rain in the middle of the trip. This was my first trip with the school and it was extraordinary. We looked at many monumental places, learned about their history and got to have a lot of fun. The trip got some students to meet and know each other, which is great if you are new.

The best part of the trip was when Matilde, Annabella and I went to a shop full of onesies. We got to try them out and wear them around the store.

Overall, I think that it was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it for other students.

Erika, Y9


This year’s school trip was to the Scandinavia countries.

In Stockholm we visited the Vasa museum – with a 98% original 17th century warship – and roamed the streets of Gamla Stan.

In Oslo we experienced a breath-taking panoramic view of the city, as well as visiting Vigeland Park, which was overflow with sculptures.

Finally, in Copenhagen, we took a boating tour through the beautiful city, passing next to the ‘Little Mermaid’.

It was a wonderful trip, where many memories were made and lots of hot dogs were eaten.

Milica Y11


I really loved that we could go to three different places in 5 days.

The Vasa Museum in Scandinavia was also very interesting because we could see a ship which has been underwater for 400 years.

The cruise ship was also a highlight of the trip because personally I never went on a cruise before so I was so excited to go.

Every day, we got time to go to shop and buy stuff that we wanted to bring back home.

The food and the hotels were indescribable! The beds were comfortable and best of all; I was with my friends the whole way through.

Nikola Y8


The trip was incredible! I absolutely loved the Vasa museum… So much detail and the giant ship was even more amazing!

Going to Hard Rock Café in Oslo for dinner was also quite cool. Seeing all the guitars, buying in the shop opened just for us. It was incredible.

The ferry boat was also a wondrous experience.  Also, Mrs Nada always picks the best hotels  J.

The only unfortunate thing for me was the duration of the trip. I think a week would’ve been perfect.

Luka Y8


It was one of the best trips that I have ever been to. My favourite day was the first one, because it was the longest one, and we went to the best museum ever: the Vasa Museum. But the third day was just as good because we went to the ferry boat from Oslo to Copenhagen and we were all sleeping on bunk beds and spent time together.

The shopping was very cool and fun; Copenhagen was full of shops and malls. I bought a lot of stuff for my little sister and new basketball shoes for me: KD9’s. The only thing that I disliked was the number of days, we were there for only 5 days, but doesn’t matter, I loved it anyways.

Filip, Y8


The trip was fascinating. We had a lot of fun. The food there was amazing, especially the hot dogs. We got to see a lot of sights and visited many beautiful historical places.

Darina Y11


The trip was incredibly interesting. We got an amazing opportunity to visit many beautiful places. The food there was amazing. I especially liked the hot dogs. The teachers were very understanding and helpful. I really liked the trip

Anastasia Y11


The trip was sooo nice. I liked sleeping on the ferry; I loved visiting Stockholm by boat. The tour with the bus was a very good idea; all the places we visited were very interesting. I loved wandering with my friends in the pedestrian zone, shopping things. The food that we ate was very good. There was just one thing that sadly was closed, the Tivoli Park.

Matilde, Y9


On the school trip we saw lots of different monuments. We were always moving, which was pretty exhausting, but that made it much more enjoyable to rest on the bus. I liked how we got out and moved around but I felt some of us spent too much on shopping. Overall, the trip was enjoyable and I will most likely go on the school trip next year.

Eva Y9


This year we went to Scandinavia with school. We had a great time and saw a lot of new places. We visited Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen and we all really liked those cities. We will never forget this school trip.

Ana Y11


This year’s study tour to Scandinavia was amazing. We visited lots of historical sites and made lots of new friends. I cannot wait for the next year’s trip.

Jelena, Y9