Study Tour to Iceland - British International School

Our students from years 10 and 11 had checked their list twice: Waterproof clothes, thermally insulated gloves, hat, coat and hiking boots.

They were on their way to Iceland. A country 33% larger than Serbia with a population of just 375,920. Known as the land of fire and Ice, the students were not disappointed. Opening the hotel curtains in the morning they were greeted with stunning Ocean views. This wasn’t a study tour for the weak of heart or spirit as they traversed waterfalls, climbed still heat radiating volcanoes and hiked to see glaciers. As well as braving and conquering the cold and walking in the windiest places in Europe (a lighthouse up a huge climb) they also spent time inside exhibitions and shows including the only live lava show in the world and the multi sensory flyover Iceland.

Day four saw students catch a ferry to Heimaey where they saw the devastation the eruption of 1973 caused. A visit to the national park and the mid Atlantic ridge was a fitting end to an incredible Geography study tour of Iceland.