The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA)

On Monday 20th May the twenty four BIS students who had completed the Bronze and Silver levels of the Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) were presented with their certificates by HRH Crown Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic at the White Palace.

Special congratulations go to several of these students who have managed to achieve both the Bronze and the Silver level award.

The Ceremony represented one of the peak events in the life of our school community this year. It also reflected the true educational ethos of BIS, giving our students an opportunity to rejoice in their accomplishments.

We are most thankful to HRH Crown Prince Alexander and HRH Crown Princess Katherine for their hospitality. We are also thankful to the Ambassadors and First Secretaries of various countries posted to Serbia, as well as to a number guests who attended the Ceremony.

The evening began with a welcome speech from HRH Crown Prince Alexander. After that, Mr Howie introduced the audience to the concept of  iDEA award programme and the tasks our students needed to complete in order to achieve their Bronze and Silver awards. The students were then presented with their award certificate by HRH Crown Prince Alexander and the BIS Principal Ms Keserovic. Ms Keserovic closed the formal part of the evening by thanking their Royal Highnesses and the guests and by congratulating the students on their success.

01 GKO 8522
02 GKO 8531
03 GKO 8536
04 GKO 8543
05 GKO 8555
06 GKO 8558
07 GKO 8563
08 GKO 8566
09 GKO 8569
10 GKO 8571
11 GKO 8574
12 GKO 8577
13 GKO 8581
14 GKO 8585
15 GKO 8590
16 GKO 8592
17 GKO 8597
18 GKO 8601
19 GKO 8604
20 GKO 8609
21 GKO 8612
22 GKO 8616
23 GKO 8619
24 GKO 8624
25 GKO 8632
26 GKO 8636
27 GKO 8640
28 GKO 8644
29 GKO 8654
30 GKO 8669
31 GKO 8672
32 GKO 8681