Thimun Conference - British International School

Five students from the British International School Model United Nations Club (BISMUN Club) attended The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) early this year. Their participation in this conference allowed them to develop their understanding of diplomacy, international relations and the inner workings of the UN. They tackled complex geopolitical issues such as force-feeding girls in South Africa, tackling Jihad, social media corporations and their data privacy policies, etc.

Participating at the THIMUN with over 3000 delegates helped the BISMUN Club students to practice their public speaking, debating skills and their understanding of technical legal language. Working at the conference with 150 nationalities the BISMUN Club students encountered an internationally diverse environment and made connections with people from all around the globe.

THIMUN took place at the International Forum in Hague where many world leaders have spoken and made important geopolitical agreements. By being there the BISMUN Club students were able to experience the same formality and prestige as experienced by many high-level diplomats and world leaders.

In their free time, the BISMUN Club had the chance to visit two universities in Amsterdam, multiple museums and observe a trial at the International Mechanisms for Criminal Tribunals.

The trip gave our students a uniquely practical experience to put into practice what would otherwise be taught in the classrooms. For more information about the activities of the BISMUN club, you can follow them on Instagram @bismunclub.


Paul Wade, Deputy Principal
British International School Belgrade