School uniform is an important element of school life. With the obvious benefits including the increased focus on schoolwork rather than on appearance and there is of course the practical side to the uniforms that any parent will understand.

The BIS school uniforms consist of navy blue T-shirts or long sleeve polo shirts with the school colours and yellow PE shirts which are mandatory during the PE lessons and ECA clubs. On the front side of the uniform is the BIS crest, while our school motto MERIT QUI LABORAT is embroidered on the back. School uniforms are mandatory for the Infant and Primary students.

In the event of a student arriving to school, not in uniform, a teacher or any other staff member will provide a verbal reminder of our policy. On these occasions parents should provide a note to the class teacher.
In our Secondary schools, the students enjoy a casual dress code.

School uniforms can be obtained in the School Office in different sizes. The school uniforms come at a minimum extra cost.

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