Visit to Kalemegdan - British International School

On Friday, 24th September Year 4 went to Kalemegdan castle on a beautiful sunny and warm day. The purpose of the visit was to follow a time line of weapons through the ages. In class we are studying the Roman period so a visit of this type dove tailed into the curriculum.

We started the tour at the bottom of the castle were we examined the Roman replica weapons. The class pretended to be the Roman legion that was garrisoned in Belgrade in those days. We practiced marching as a Roman brigade and found logs to sit on to enjoy our mid-morning snack

Next we went up into the castle to see a statue of a medieval knight and then walked to an 18th century cannon. Near by there was an ice cream seller and the pupils enjoyed buying an ice cream. They enjoyed eating it even more!

The last part of the tour was to see the weapons of the 20th century. The children were able to see tanks, artillery, and various sorts of devices to blow things up.

To help them see the development of weaponry each child had an eye-spy sheet on which were pictures of the weapons they had to find.

A great day out had been enjoyed by Year 4 pupils.

Mr Ferguson