World Maths Day @ BIS - British International School


World Maths Day took place at BIS from Tue 2 March until Thu 4 March. Our students answered over 350,000 questions and our teachers 60,000 mathematical questions correctly during this event.

BIS was part of an truly international event, and helped to achieve a world record breaking 479,000,000 questions and was one of 56,082 schools that took part.

The students and staff whole-heartedly enjoyed playing against other students and staff from so many different countries in this live competition.

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Celebration Assembly Report

This year, once again, the British International School played its part in the success of World Maths Day, an international arithmetic challenge. We were one of the 56,082 school taking part, from 235 countries, with our students making up part of over 1.1 million that took part in this 48 hour competition.

With certificates for taking part being given out during the school week, those who had achieved over 4,000 correct answers had to wait until Friday afternoon for the presentation of their Gold Certificates. Mr Vicente Muanda, Chargé d’affaires at the Embassy of the Republic of Angola was our guest of honour.

Two assemblies were held, one at our new Primary campus, and the other at our Secondary campus. With all the students assembled they were first given a presentation showing the figures for the school and the world, and were impressed to know that they had been part of breaking a World Record. Those students who had attained gold, were then presented with their certificates by Mr Muanda. Three students were in addition presented with trophies for having the top scores in the school.

Our champion for 2010, Vayaya (from Angola), scored over 13,300 points. In second place was Moe (from Japan), and in third was Denis (from Serbia). A truly international result for an international competition.

It was also great to see that 20 of our teachers took part in the event, with two of them finishing in the Top 100 Teachers/Parents category. Mr Muanda had a special prize for Miss Stanković who did so well and was our top teacher for 2010.

We will build on this and our students look forward to the events in 2011.