World Maths Day Top 500 Students - British International School

The BIS students have recently participated in the World Maths Day competition. Out of several thousand students in the world who competed at the World Maths Day, the organisers of the competition chose the best 500 students in each age category. Please see below the excellent rankings of the BIS students.

Year 3 – Siyool K (396)
Year 5 – David T (473)
Year 7 – Nina P (335), Vitana P (420), Alexander N (458)
Year 8 – Zara C (65), Alan K (191), Dragana S (387)
Year 9 – Ji Sung H (196), Eug Gyu P (284)

For classes the top 100 were listed with our top ones being Year 6 coming 40th in the world and Year 8 coming 14th in the world.

Well done to the BIS students and their teachers.