World Maths/Spelling Day 2011 - British International School

This year our Primary students once again took part in the World Maths Day contest (March 1 and 2), competing against students from many countries throughout the world. Our students helped in the world total of nearly 428 million arithmetical questions being answered in the 48 hours the contest was live.

This year was also the inaugural World Spelling Day contest (March 3 and 4). For the first time students had to spell words, as well as correctly identify spelt words. Again this was against the clock, and against students throughout the world. In total there were over 52 million correctly answered questions in this contest.

Our top student in the World Maths Day was Andrej in Year 5 with 4,362 correct answers.

Our top student in the World Spelling Day was Cameron in Year 4 with 3,325 correct answers.

At our Award ceremony we presented many students with their Platinum Certificates for both World Maths and World Spelling Day. These students had played a minimum of 60 games.

Congratulations to all our partaking students, and we hope that they will use this to aid their learning in all subjects.